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Are you Good at Doing Nothing? – Recovery

Do you ever take the time to consider what you should do after a work out, game or practice? From personal experience, having played with many different players, I would say about 90% of them do not recover properly after a game or practice. I’m going to offer you a few tips through this blog […]

How Fast can You go Slow? – Deceleration Training

Looking to improve your speed? How well you can slow down will impact how effectively you can get up to top speed. Today’s Blog is about Deceleration Training, which is geared more towards athletes but can be related to anyone. As Rickie Bobby says, “If you aren’t first, you’re last.” Being fast is not all […]

Water Consumption – Drink more..

I’m not talking about booze because I’m sure you’re keeping well hydrated. Is your water consumption adequate for your needs?Everyone is required to consume a slightly different amount of water daily, this depends on a few factors. Factors Influencing Water Consumption   These are a few factors that could impact your optimal level of water […]

Hip Mobility

In the world of hockey players, tight hips are inevitable. Being in a constant crouch position on the ice places stress on the hips, which over time will restrict hip mobility. This is why it is important to always stay focused on flexibility and hip mobility (flexibility and mobility are different) because when you lose […]

How to build muscle and lose fat – simultaneously

  Are you stuck, not sure if you want to slim down or add muscle, why not do it at the same time? Weight training is one of the best ways to loose fat and also the best way to add muscle. To add muscle size (hypertrophy) the trainee must lift between 6-12 reps per […]

Weight Training for Women

When it comes to weight training for women, the main concern of many females is; “I don’t want to look like a man or get too big.” Lets clear up some of the common myths right off the bat: Food is actually good for you… so don’t starve yourself. Lifting weights will not make you masculine Running […]