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Tired of being overweight or just not having the body you want? Have you considered relying on cardio training to be your savior for a healthy body composition? Well, cardio is actually not the best way to lose fat. It has become so mainstream for many people to seek a treadmill or another high cardio...
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Tired of the love handles, being bigger than you want to be and unsure of what diet is right for you? Read this. Eating has become so tough these days because everyone is looking to line their pockets by promoting the newest weight loss pills, diet plans, pointless books and random new fads. Nothing will...
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In the world of hockey players, tight hips are inevitable. Being in a constant crouch position on the ice places stress on the hips, which over time will restrict hip mobility. This is why it is important to always stay focused on flexibility and hip mobility (flexibility and mobility are different) because when you lose...
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When it comes to weight training for women, the main concern of many females is; “I don’t want to look like a man or get too big.” Lets clear up some of the common myths right off the bat: Food is actually good for you… so don’t starve yourself. Lifting weights will not make you masculine Running...
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