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Tired of the love handles, being bigger than you want to be and unsure of what diet is right for you? Read this.

Eating has become so tough these days because everyone is looking to line their pockets by promoting the newest weight loss pills, diet plans, pointless books and random new fads. Nothing will replace hard work in the gym and a diet that you can maintain for years; not just a few months.

Joining a big company diet plan like Isa Genetics, Bernstein, Weight Watchers or something along the lines of one of these is definitely not something I would recommend.  These are probably the last place you want to go to for help with weight/fat loss. These companies over price products and undercut calories.

Consuming shakes and drinking special fairy potions that are double, sometimes triple the price (Isa Genix) and are the same product with a different label, will not be your solution to a healthy reduction in size. Also, cutting a drastic amount of calories like other big companies require in their “diet’ plans are not the most beneficial way to lose fat.

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If you’re going to commit to a diet, make the diet something you can manage and sustain your life. Drinking shakes or consuming less than 1200 calories a day are not practical and are unhealthy. You may say, “but I’m losing weight.” Well, yeah. You’re in a major caloric deficit. You might as well have a bowl of ice cubes for breakfast and wash it down with liquid ice. (Don’t actually!)

When someone is consuming fewer calories than they burn that is called a caloric deficit. This will yield weight/fat loss. Over an extended period of time, if the deficit is extreme, it will result in muscle loss (sarcopenia), energy loss and your metabolism will suffer. When the metabolism drops to accommodate the lack of energy (calories) you are consuming, you will no longer be burning the same amount of calories at rest (RMR= Resting Metabolic Rate). This happens as a safety mechanism to prevent severe weight loss.

Once your metabolism is down to your current calorie intake you will realize that the constant feeling of hunger and lack of calories will get to you. This is where people get into trouble when they are trying to slim down. We realize we can not sustain and function properly at this low energy consumption rate so we go back to our normal eating habits which are significantly higher than what our metabolism has currently adapted to, thus leading to weight gain that could be more than your original weight.

In conclusion, there is no quick fix. You did not end up like this overnight; so do not expect to reverse it overnight. Make sure you do your research on a diet plan before you drop serious bucks as lots of these products can be bought much cheaper for the same quality. Last, but not least, make the diet change something that is realistic, something that you can make last for not only till your goal is achieved, but for life.

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