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Online Personal Training

Welcome to Grit Strength and Conditioning!


We are bricks and mortar gym located in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. However, we offer extensive online personal training programming to help reach a larger audience that otherwise could not have access to our coaching.


What can you expect from our programs online personal training programs?  Our fitness programs are designed specifically with you in mind.  They will be in-depth programs with exercises, progressed or regressed, compatible with your current fitness level and periodized bringing you in a safe and confident manner to the results you want.


We have lots of experience working with a wide variety of clients and have been happy to provide results they were after! Regardless if you have never been to the gym before or have worked out for several years, our fitness programs will give you an edge.  You will have confidence in our every work out knowing you are making great strides towards that big goal of yours, can you picture it?  See our testimonials for what our clients had to say.

Here are a few!

“Absolutely amazing training!
I’ve been training on my own for a couple years and came to Brock to get the extra push, and push is what he has done! Taught me new moves and corrected my form and explained the reasoning behind everything. He has brought the spark back into my training!”

“I began training with Brock after recovering from a serious concussion. I didn’t know who to turn to after gaining several pounds and not feeling confident in my body. Brock welcomed me with open arms and presented me with a plan I thought was achievable and realistic. He encouraged me, pushed me and taught me so many tips and tricks I will continue to use. Brock is extremely knowledgeable both in the gym and when it comes to healthy eating and recovery. Brock is personable, professional and runs a great business that will continue to grow and expand in Muskoka.”

“Brock, along with the entire Grit family love what they do! Brock’s passion for fitness at all levels is evident in the attention to detail he provides his clients.
From novice to the seasoned athlete, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Grit.”




Why Grit? Good Question.  We were just like you at one point. We were unsure where to go for a fitness program that met our needs and coach that could make specific changes to optimize our success. We wanted online personal training programs that had no strings attach or were going to cost us a ridiculous amount of money.  We were willing to put in the work for the results but just didn’t know what to do.


This is where things changed. Everyone at Grit has to have at least had some type of College or University education in the fitness or health field to qualify to work here so you can be confident that it isn’t some fly by night cookie cutter program you will receive. We also have many years of experience in competitive sports, coaching and weight training. That is what separates us apart from any other gym.  We set the bar high so there are certain requirements to start coaching online or in person training from Grit. This provides each of our clients with more confidence and value in their workouts.

Still unsure what to do? Email us at brockheshka@gritsc.ca for a free consultation