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Grit Strength and Conditioning
Tired of being overweight or just not having the body you want? Have you considered relying on cardio training to be your savior for a healthy body composition? Well, cardio is actually not the best way to lose fat. It has become so mainstream for many people to seek a treadmill or another high cardio...
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Do you ever take the time to consider what you should do after a work out, game or practice? From personal experience, having played with many different players, I would say about 90% of them do not recover properly after a game or practice. I’m going to offer you a few tips through this blog...
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I’m not talking about booze because I’m sure you’re keeping well hydrated. Is your water consumption adequate for your needs?Everyone is required to consume a slightly different amount of water daily, this depends on a few factors. Factors Influencing Water Consumption   These are a few factors that could impact your optimal level of water...
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