What People Have To Say

"Grit Strength and Conditioning is the way to go! I am so happy with my results already. Brock Heshka has an amazing gym and is very knowledgeable. I always look forward to the workouts he has planned for me. I LOVE the one on one training!! He makes me feel comfortable with my workouts and is always supporting and pushing me to give it all I've got. I can't wait to reach my end goals! I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am in this fitness journey if it weren't for grit strength and conditioning. Thanks, brock!!"  - Kenzie Morris


Brock is a great trainer. Great personality, would highly recommend him to anyone looking to reach higher goals. Helped me train for my upcoming hockey season while catering to past injuries. 5/5!!!!

Cooper Stahl

"You have to do what you love. Bringing his passion back to Muskoka Brock Heshka is a CSEP certified personal trainer. Armed with the vast knowledge of nutrition, motivation and fitness, this is the man you want to take you to the next level! Experience makes all the difference, and Brock has tons. As a previous Jr.A hockey player, he really knows what it takes to grind down on an opportunity and succeed. This is the guy you want in your fitness corner. Couldn't be more excited to train at Grit Strength and Conditioning."

Jean-Michel Barrette

"Brock is extremely intelligent and is very experienced when it comes to sport specific training. He is a great asset for off season training or if you are interested in improving your overall fitness."

Rachel Quinn

"Great guy! Even better trainer! Can't wait for grit strength"

Andrew Rail

"Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are looking to get back in shape and gain some strength look no further. Brock Heska is a professional certified fitness trainer that is looking to take you to the next level! Book and like his page to increase your health and wellbeing!"

Denver Defoe

"Brock Heshka has helped me immensely with weight loss and building muscle. He has provided me with individualized meal plans and targeted workouts that retrained my body to better suit my personal goals. Not only is he committed and extremely approachable, he has been one of my biggest supporters on my fitness journey. If you have goals to reach and want a great leader to help you achieve them, I highly suggest Grit Strength & Conditioning!"

Kaitlyn Williamson

"When people ask me how Brock is as a trainer I have nothing but good things to say. Not only does he understand the physical side of training but he understands the mental side as well. Brock is a very well rounded trainer who really knows what he's talking about and has no problem giving me the answers I need. I have been training with him for only a little over a month and I have already noticed a difference in my mental and physical Health. If your looking for someone to push, motivate you and keep you on track Brock is the trainer you need in your life!"

Hailey Morris

"Listen up! If you are looking for a personal trainer who is knowledgeable, dedicated and professional, Brock Heshka is your guy. I have been working with Brock for 7 months now and I can honestly say that he has changed the way I think about my health. There is so much misinformation out there - especially geared towards us 50ish year-old females! Brock is patient. He does his research and is able to chunk our workouts into manageable sessions. I cannot believe how strong I am becoming! He often sends articles and information based on the things that come up during our sessions. Ladies - don’t let his age fool you - Brock is the most knowledgeable trainer that I have worked with. He is also connected to other like-minded health care professionals. If you are looking for a holistic approach for a healthier you, then look no more. Give Brock a call!"

Peggy Barrette

I definitely recommend Brock as a personal trainer! He is so knowledgeable about every aspect of training and knows exactly what works for what people. Since I began starting to train with Brock, I have already noticed myself getting stronger and feeling better and it has only been a month! It's also a great location because it is only ever you and the trainer. There are no distractions by other people in the gym and you can really focus on yourself. Loving it and would recommend to everyone!

Emily Scott

Being teammates with Brock this past year it was a no-brainer I would give his program a try, especially after seeing his dedication to fitness and the knowledge he has to go with that. Brock wrote me a program to get me ready for my USHL try out, where his program made me stronger and faster leading me to a great camp. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their athletic ability or anyone just looking to become more fit and healthy.

Hugh Anderson

Brock Heshka is an amazing trainer. He is more knowledgeable and qualified than any other personal fitness coach I have ever met. His drive allows him to put 110% of his focus into creating a program that meets my individual goals and needs. His concentration on injury prevention is inspiring, as he does not push me beyond my physical limits. The mental and physical strength that he promotes, gives me confidence that I will reach my goals with his guidance. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in one-on-one training that will help boost all health aspects of their life. I look forward to many future sessions.

Carolyn Black