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“I was referred to train at Grit with Brock from a Medical Doctor I was seeing about knee pain and other aches and pains I was dealing with. Training with Brock is one of the greatest experiences of my life. His support and encouragement, knowledge and expertise have helped transform me and meet a goal ahead of time In March of this year I was a size 16-18 and today I am overwhelmed and so proud to be 10-12. I am fit, strong and have loads of energy. (psst I’m also 61 years young and a grandmother of many) Of course you also have to change your eating habits and through our sessions we also discussed nutrition. The entire team at Grit are true professionals and always smiling and supportive. I am so thankful and look forward to each and every session. Within our first few sessions, Brock had me moving with minimal to no pain which is a first in several years! THANK YOU Brock – you’re the best”

 The advantage of our one-on-one personal training program is having a personalized workout plan tailored to your wants, needs, and goals. We have successfully delivered results to our clients that have wanted to lose weight, build muscle, increase strength and improve sports performance. 

We will work around your injuries or any other restrictions you may have.

We have a strong referral network with doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and other health professionals who use our coaching to help strengthen their clients, improve daily function and prevent injury.

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