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As an athlete in the offseason, I wanted to find a trainer who would be able to push me both mentally and physically to gear up for the season. I am extremely pleased that I chose to train at GRIT Strength & Conditioning with this Brock this summer. Brock designed me a program that was sport specific and met my goals for my upcoming season. He is very knowledgeable, a great motivator and very dedicated to the success of his clients. If you’re an athlete looking to improve your strength, agility, and endurance for your sports Brock is definitely the guy to help you do it.

“Brock is amazing at what he does! My 11yr old son has been working with him for just over a year as some off ice/off season training. Cohen absolutely loves going every week and comes home after every session and talks about what he has learned. Thank you Brock for taking the time to teach these kids proper form & technique, which will help him to get the most from his training going forward. We look forward to many more sessions to come. I am so glad Cohen has such a good role model to look up to!”

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Brock is a great trainer. Great personality, would highly recommend him to anyone looking to reach higher goals. Helped me train for my upcoming hockey season while catering to past injuries. 5/5!!!!

At Grit Strength & Conditioning we build stronger, faster and healthier athletes through strategic programming and exercise execution. We help athletes from many sports to move on to both the Jr and college level. Whether your training journey is just beginning, or you have been at it for years, we will put a plan together to optimize the athlete’s success.

We offer two youth programs, Learn-to-Train for kids grades 4-7, and our Athlete Performance Program for grades 8 and up. Learn-to-Train is focused on body control, and foundation movements such as: the squat, and the hinge, how to brace, express and absorb force.  The Athlete Performance Program is taking all the fundamentals mastered in the Learn-to-Train Program and incorporating more technical exercises and bigger lifts to create power within every athlete.

Maintaining a high level of fitness through the season is equally as important as building on fitness levels in the off-season. Since speed, power, and strength will diminish through the season without adequate training, we offer in-season programming for our athletes who move away during the season as well.

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Being teammates with Brock in the past it was a no brainer I would give his program a try, especially after seeing his dedication to fitness and the knowledge he has to go with that. Brock wrote me a program to get me ready for my USHL try out, where his program made me stronger and faster leading me to a great camp. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their athletic ability or anyone just looking to become more fit and healthy.

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