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Breath Yoga Muskoka (by Grit Strength and Conditioning) offers a great variety of classes from Vinyasa Reiki & Sound Bowls to Deep Flow and Power classes. All classes are 100-104 degrees. Slow stretching to high pace, early morning to evening class times – we have all your yoga needs covered! 

With the studio being located inside our gym we have taken several steps to ensure the noise stays out and the Shanti stays in. Yoga for everybody and every-body!

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what TO BRING?

Vinyasa Yoga

This class uses flowing movement and transitions between poses for mobility and flexibility. In this class, we link breath with movement, use breathing exercises for less stress and anxiety, lengthen muscles, strengthen joints, increase bone density and get your body moving to help stimulate and clean out internal systems. Helps with faster recovery after hard workouts, better movement, and mood!


Powerful class full of poses and movements linked with breath for building strength and improving balance, while still including mobility and flexibility for a well rounded practice. This class will surely make any individual work and feel accomplished afterwards


In this class we begin with a short and light breath work session, followed by a 25 minute light vinyasa flow to get your body moving and energy flowing . Once we have nourished every part of our body with movement – You will be brought into a comfortable resting position  to begin a group reiki session . During the reiki session, there will be both hands on ( at your preference) and hands off energy work to continue bringing balance to the mind, body, soul, and nervous system, releasing any left over stagnant or stuck energy, and increasing your overall sense of well-being . The session will end with some sound integration with singing bowls to complete the process. Imagine this as an energetic massage..  leaving your physical body completely relaxed, your energy body cleansed, and your mind at peace. 


This session is great for those who are looking to ease stress and /or anxiety, relax the body, physical healing , pain relief, and an overall sense of well being in your body.

Align & unwind HATHA FLOW

A class that blends gentleness & challenge together, focused on the refinement & alignment of your individual practice & asana(s). Creating more space within, for you to safely unravel & experience deeper calm & relaxation.


In this class you are invited to flow through a hatha yoga sequence that reaches all parts of the body to lead you toward feeling relaxed, restored and refreshed. You are guided to consciously connect to your breath and the rhythm of the music. You will receive the space to move at a slower pace, feeling and listening to the inner guidance of your body.


A class for all levels, this two-part class is a combination of the strong vinyasa – to warm up the body and let go of any fatigue, and the receptive yin yoga, holding poses for 2-3 minutes promoting balance throughout the nervous system and allowing for a sense of peace and relaxation. This class is designed to create balance and harmony within your mind, body, and soul.


A medium paced class for all levels to release what is no longer serving you and increase your level of energy and vitality. Enjoy a creative sequence with stamina and strength building aspects, while still maintaining your focus on breath. Finish the class with a slow deep stretch to release any residing tension or tightness, and leave you in a state of relaxation and inner calm.

strengthen & lengthen

A slow and gentle class for anybody at any level. This vinyasa flow will help you deepen and improve your yoga & asana (poses) practice. Experience a release of tension and tightness from your body, a deeper connection to your body, and an overall sense of inner calm, stillness, and wellness.

Deep Flow

This class explored creative, fluid movement combined with strong and longer holds, and a deeper focus on your breath. This class is designed to open awareness to your inner energy and create a deeper relationship and understanding of you body.


1 Drop In Class

Use for Spin, yoga, Shred & Sweat, HIIT & HARDCORE. Excluded from our Strength & Conditioning Classes.

1 Drop in $24.99

Best value

Monthly Unlimited!

Enjoy all the yoga, HIIT & Spin you want on monthly basis! The package does not have to start on the first of the month.

The “month” begins when you book your first class then will run until that date of the following month

$165.00/monthly Unlimited

Multi Class Packs


5 Multi Class Pack $105

10 Multi Class Pack $195

15 Multi Class pack $265


Kate Bridges
Kate is a 500hr yoga teacher who is deeply passionate about what she does. Yoga has been a primal source of her healing and wellbeing.

Kate's classes place a large emphasis on the connection between breath to body, learning how to listen to your body, what it needs, and how to provide that to yourself, as well as regulating the nervous system. This has played a major roll in Kate's personal journey in improving her mental, emotional, and physical health- which is why she is so lovingly eager to share this gift with others. Kate takes what she learns in her own personal journey that has helped with anxiety, stress, and daily challenges of life- and applies them in her yoga classes in hopes that they can help others as well.

Kate believes that there is nothing more important than the connection and relationship you have with your own mind, body, and emotions. She also believes that doing so together- in community- and in a safe space can add so much value to knowing that you are never alone on your journey to health, wellness, healing and joy. Kate is so excited to co-create this space and experience with you.
Tim Kennedy
Growing up immersed in gymnastics and dance, Tim has always been intrigued by the connections between how the body looks, feels and performs.

As a 300+ hour yoga teacher, holistic health therapist and massage therapy graduate. Tim believes in addressing the body as a whole is the only way to find balance and source out the core issues that cause discomfort or dis-ease.

Tim wishes to share what he's learned by integrating the teachings of eastern medicine into western culture.

See you on the mat!
Shannon Banfield
With great reverence, to Shannon, yoga is so much more than the physical. She is always seeking out fun & funky ways to switch up transitions & flows, while still honouring yogic roots; doing her best to blend the traditional with the modern! We powerfully utilize the breath as an anchor, to establish & strengthen the intimacy between the mind & body connection, energies & the soul, between the all pervasive & what resides within.

Her sankalpa [intention] with each class she holds, is to curate the utmost safety & sacredness for all; to go where you need to go, within any & all aspects of yourself. To witness your unique, most authentic individuality, while reminding you of our interconnectedness. Make of her classes, whatever feels best to you - the possibilities are limitless.

See you on the mat!
Karlie Peters
Karlie is a 200hr Registered yoga teacher who also has certification in Trauma sensitive yoga and Y12SR + Trauma (yoga 12 step and recovery plus Trauma). Karlie has been practicing yoga for over 9 years, which inspired her to get her yoga teacher training 5 years ago. Karlie has been working with seniors for over 21 years and brings chair yoga to them. You can find Karlie teaching dock yoga in the summer around beautiful muskoka- and here in our studio!
Emily Witney
Emily shines by being her warm, outgoing, bubbly self. Growing up in Muskoka she loves nature and learning about her own innate conection to creation. She loves all things, although holding space, using sound vibration, intention with reiki, crystal friends, spending time outside, and movement on all levels is what she calls her passions. Emily is a local business owner, encouraging all if they're in the area to pop in for a quick cleanse with the crystal singing bowl. Playing almost daily for several years, she started offering sound healings every Friday last year in Metatrons Garden and is excited to continue her practice in other spaces.
Paige is a motivated instructor looking to inspire people through the practice of movement to connect with their own inner self by personal intentions, meditations, pranayama and asana. Influenced by her 200 hour yoga trauma informed teacher training, her wonderful teachers, peers, environment and worldwide travels she aims to bring a sense of empowerment and belonging to each and every one of her classes. Her goal is to have every student leave her classes feeling,relaxed,refreshed and renewed.