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Grit yoga offers a great variety of classes from Vinyasa Reki & Sound Bowls to Deep Flow and Power classes. All Classes are 100 degrees. Slow stretching to high pace, early morning to evening class times – we have all your yoga needs covered! 

With the studio being located inside our gym we have taken several steps to ensure the noise stays out and the Shanti stays in.

See you on the mat! 

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Vinyasa Yoga

This class uses flowing movement and transitions between poses for mobility and flexibility. In this class, we link breath with movement, use breathing exercises for less stress and anxiety, lengthen muscles, strengthen joints, increase bone density and get your body moving to help stimulate and clean out internal systems. Helps with faster recovery after hard workouts, better movement, and mood!

Power & Pilates

Powerful class full of poses and movements linked with breath for building strength and improving balance. The incorporation of Pilates makes it a great class for toning and sculpting the body all while still including mobility and flexibility for a well rounded practice. This class will sure make any individual work and feel accomplished afterwards.


Flow-through each pose creating heat & increasing range of motion. Connect to your breathing and find alignment in your body. Form a connection between your body, mind and breath leaving you feeling restored and rejuvenated.


Powerful class full of poses and movements linked with breath for building strength and improving balance, while still including mobility and flexibility for a well rounded practice. This class will surely make any individual work and feel accomplished afterwards


In this class we begin with a short and light breath work session, followed by a 25 minute light vinyasa flow to get your body moving and energy flowing . Once we have nourished every part of our body with movement – You will be brought into a comfortable resting position  to begin a group reiki session . During the reiki session, there will be both hands on ( at your preference) and hands off energy work to continue bringing balance to the mind, body, soul, and nervous system, releasing any left over stagnant or stuck energy, and increasing your overall sense of well-being . The session will end with some sound integration with singing bowls to complete the process. Imagine this as an energetic massage..  leaving your physical body completely relaxed, your energy body cleansed, and your mind at peace. 


This session is great for those who are looking to ease stress and /or anxiety, relax the body, physical healing , pain relief, and an overall sense of well being in your body.


In this class you are invited to flow through a hatha yoga sequence that reaches all parts of the body to lead you toward feeling relaxed, restored and refreshed. You are guided to consciously connect to your breath and the rhythm of the music. You will receive the space to move at a slower pace, feeling and listening to the inner guidance of your body.


A class for all levels, this two-part class is a combination of the strong vinyasa – to warm up the body and let go of any fatigue, and the receptive yin yoga, holding poses for 2-3 minutes promoting balance throughout the nervous system and allowing for a sense of peace and relaxation. This class is designed to create balance and harmony within your mind, body, and soul.


This class is a mix of vinyasa flow to strengthen and engage your mind and body, combined with a few yin or restorative poses to drop you deeper into a place of stillness . This class also encourages following your own bodies wants and needs by free flowing wherever you feel called to do so.


This light class is a slow and gentle practice for any body and any level. In this relaxing class we use yoga balls on the trigger points in your body, as well as straps to get deeper into the tissue of your body. Think of this as a deep tissue massage designed for a deeper release. Followed by light vinyasa flow to loosen your body and integrate your practice.

Deep Flow

This class explored creative, fluid movement combined with strong and longer holds, and a deeper focus on your breath. This class is designed to open awareness to your inner energy and create a deeper relationship and understanding of you body.


1 Drop In Class

Use for Spin, yoga, Shred & Sweat, HIIT & HARDCORE. Excluded from our Strength & Conditioning Classes.

1 Drop in $24.99

Best value

Monthly Unlimited!

Enjoy all the yoga, HIIT & Spin you want on monthly basis! The package does not have to start on the first of the month.

The “month” begins when you book your first class then will run until that date of the following month

$165.00/monthly Unlimited

Multi Class Packs


5 Multi Class Pack $105

10 Multi Class Pack $195

15 Multi Class pack $265


Mel Parsons
Mel was 25 and pregnant with her first son when she started yoga. She was timid, insecure and had very low self esteem.

Now, as a single mother of two amazing boys, life is busy and there are days where she has to juggle being the mom, dad, chauffeur, confidant, counselor, maid and chef, all at the same time, which she would never change as they are her life.

Through it all, she's found FREEDOM, PEACE and LIFE BALANCE again with yoga. Mel believes you have to take time to nourish YOURSELF in order to be your BEST SELF for everyone else in your life.
Sara grew up as an athlete and after years of playing sports started to notice significant knee pain impacting her daily life.

Over 10 years ago she started practicing yoga while trying to find ways to heal her knee pain. Not only did yoga completely resolve her physical pain, but she also began to notice the mental and emotional aspects that started to expand her connection to herself and her experience of the world around her.

Sara’s classes are an invitation to care for your whole being, by connecting to your breath, a beautiful playlist, and a flow of movement. She loves to include meditation, mindfulness, and full-body relaxation in her classes.
Emily has a background in dance from a young age, and after being introduced to yoga at 13 she felt a natural progression from dance to yoga. In 2013 she became a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and began teaching all around Muskoka. More recently, she began training in Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing and started to focus on the tremendous benefits yoga brings to martial arts, sports and athleticism.

She believes in yoga’s health benefits to body and mind, including the tools yoga offers to cope with stress and anxiety, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to take your athleticism to the next level.